Digital Innovation Hub: IoT-SmartSantander

IoT-SmartSantander provides a unique-in-the-world urban infrastructure to develop new services in the Smart City domain.

Internet of Things-SmartSantander is aiming at fostering the digital transformation of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors leveraging on the experiences and success of the Internet of Things initiatives in which University of Cantabria and Santander Municipality have been leading in the past. As such, this DIH aims at offering technical support and guidance as well access to a plethora of enablers, tools, APIs, and data for implementing and assessing concrete solutions fitting the corresponding requirements.
The deployment of services and applications relying on the IoT paradigm has brought a new way to provide urban services. Hence, urban utilities such waste management, water management, street lighting and many others rely on the ability to monitor the required service parameters for optimizing it with the consequent impact at city level.

Currently, IoT-SmartSantander DIH offers several services

Testing and validation of new Smart City related services

Collaborative research in national and international projects (European level in H2020)

Concept validation and prototyping in a real urban scenario

Education and skills development

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The SmartSantander Testbed and the IoT-SmartSantander DIH are two initiatives coordinated by the University of Cantabria and the Santander City Council.